This is the home of Reckless Drivin’, a Mac driving game I released as shareware in 2000. As the latest version of the game, 1.5.4, will no longer run on current graphics cards, and I don’t find the time to fix this, I am now discontinuing selling the game. However, the older, non-OpenGL version 1.4.4 still runs in Rosetta emulation on the newest Macs, and can be downloaded here. You can use the following registration code to unlock the game:

Name: Free

Code: B3FB09B1EB

Download Reckless Drivin’ 1.4.4

Download Reckless Drivin’ 1.5.4

(will not run on all new Macs!!!)

Check out Redline, a racing simulation I developed

with Ambrosia Software

If you have some really old 68k Mac, you can download Burning Rubber 1.2.3, the prequel to Reckless Drivin’ I released in 1996.

In case you’re wondering what I am programming these days: I now work

for Unity Technologies on the totally awesome Unity game engine.

©2009 jonas echterhoff